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Thousands Call on Congress to “Fix This Bridge!”

Signs from the N17 MarchIt was cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop thousands of people from marching from Dewey Square to the Charlestown bridge yesterday. Calling on congress to create “jobs, not cuts,” the action followed a string of votes in which Scott Brown joined the GOP leadership to block legitimate job creation bills.

The demonstration was part of a national day of protests at decaying bridges, where tens of thousands marched against policies that have enriched the 1% and impoverished the remaining 99%.  Across the country, fed up citizens gathered at structurally unsound bridges and other sites in need of repair to demand that congress take immediate action to put Americans back to work.

Last night Rachel Maddow featured coverage of Boston’s march and other marches across the country, and lead with footage from the march on the Charlestown bridge in October– check it out below!

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“The Charlestown bridge is made with rivets we haven’t used in fifty years. We could put thousands of people back to work by fixing bridges like this one,” said Jay Chambers, an unemployed ironworker from Charlestown. “We don’t need more cuts to social programs to balance the budget – we need policies that put people back to work.”

Stay tuned, more photos and video of the event to come!

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