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Scott Brown & Big Oil: Getting Rich of the 99%

Scott Brown and Big OilIn the last year, the top five Big Oil companies raked in $137,000,000,000 in profit. And with skyrocketing gas prices, you can only imagine how much that $137 billion profit will grow by the end of 2012.

Record profits like these really make you wonder why anyone would want to hand out billions of our tax dollars to oil firms like BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips and Royal Dutch Shell. Yet last week, Senator Scott Brown voted to hand another $24 billion in taxpayer money to the most profitable Big Oil companies in the world.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Scott Brown has sided with wealthy corporations over his Bay State constituents. In fact, this is the third time Brown has sold us out to Big Oil alone – costing us billions in revenue that could have been used to invest in schools, fix crumbling roads and bridges, and put people back to work.

But why did he do it? With budget shortfalls affecting everything from MBTA service to meals for homebound seniors, why did Scott Brown vote to subsidize some of the most profitable corporations in the world with our tax dollars? Did his vote have anything to with the $200,000 these Big Oil companies gave to Brown’s campaign?

Senator Brown may be the only one with answers to these questions, but we know one thing for certain – Massachusetts can’t afford any more of Brown’s Big Oil tax giveaways. He may think his votes to line the pockets of Big Oil with our tax dollars will go unnoticed, but we’re not going to let that happen.

We may not have $200,000 to buy a senator’s vote, let alone $137 billion in our bank accounts. But together, we can make sure our neighbors see who Scott Brown really is: a senator who would rather stand with Big Oil than his constituents back home.

Let’s show Senator Brown and his friends in Big Oil that Massachusetts is watching – and we won’t put up with their tax giveaways anymore. Click here to share this message with your friends and family today.

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