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Terrible jobs record haunts Romney at Roxbury visit

It doesn’t happen often, but Mitt Romney came back to Massachusetts on Thursday to talk about his “vision” for small business in America. Unfortunately for Mittens, more than 50 area residents were on hand to provide a reminder of the truth about his terrible job record, both as Massachusetts Governor and CEO of Bain Capital.

The Romney EconomyMister Romney tends to avoid talking about his time at the top of Bay State government and business — and for a good reason. Under Romney’s leadership, Massachusetts was #1 in debt — over $18 billion in the red. At the same time, the commonwealth ranked close to last in job creation, clocking in at #47.

Romney’s private sector footprint was even more destructive. On his watch, Bain Capital made billions in profits by systematically slashing wages and benefits, shuttering plants and shipping thousands of jobs overseas. Romney and fellow executives got rich by destroying the livelihoods of workers, families and even entire towns.

Romney clearly bet on Massachusetts residents forgetting his abysmal record on jobs and the economy. But judging from the less-than-warm welcome Romney received at his impromptu campaign stop Thursday, his luck ran out.

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