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Bain Workers Come to Massachusetts to Confront Sensata CEO

Sensata employees speak out in AttleboroA bus carrying workers from Bain-owned companies pulled into Attleboro, MA yesterday, bringing dozens of workers to the corporate headquarters of Sensata Technologies. Sensata, a company owned by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, is currently in the process of shipping manufacturing work to China — leaving 170 workers in Freeport, IL without a job.

For months, employees have sought to discuss the devastating impact of the outsourcing and severance plans with anyone and everyone in the Sensata chain of command – plant managers, company executives, directors at Bain Capital, even Romney, himself – but no one has listened. Letters, petitions and other requests for meetings have received no response, leaving Sensata workers and community allies with no choice but to travel cross-country to appeal to CEO Wroe face-to-face in Attleboro.

In the shadow of the Sensata building, workers shared their stories — illuminating the very real consequences of the Romney-Bain outsourcing model on their families and communities.

“As of December 21, 2012, I will be out of a job,” said Sensata employee Mary Jo Kerr, a mother of three. “It’s not personal, it’s business. They just want to make an extra dollar.” Kerr noted the layoffs have nothing to do with demand — Sensata posted record profits in 2011, and is poised to do so again this year.

Sensata’s CEO refused to meet with his employees at the company’s headquarters, so the delegation took their message to his house on Cape Cod, hoping they might find him there. No one was home, but Wroe’s mansion had a doorbell answering machine.

“We’re not home right now,” the message said, “We’re either on the golf course or at the beach.”

While Wroe is hitting the golf course, the workers whose jobs he’s sending overseas are wondering how they’ll be able to make ends meet. All 170 employees will be laid off by year’s end.

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