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Tell Congress: STOP the cuts to education and child care

We wanted to share a new campaign that we’re working on with our friends at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Below is a message from a local child care provider, asking you to take action TODAY to protect vital funding for child care and education.

Please take a minute to read Michelle’s message, take action, and spread the word:

MichelleAs a family child care provider in Greenfield, Massachusetts, parents from all walks of life depend on me to provide care for their young children. Among them is a mother studying to be a pastor, a Spanish translator, a home health care provider, a fire fighter, a CPR training leader, a tile setter, two college students, a CPA, and a scrap metal recycler. In other words a cross section of working people in my town — and their children — comes through my doors five days a week. But all too often Congress forgets about these families.

Today, thousands of people just like you are going to make sure that our elected officials hear directly from us how cuts to federal education funding would hurt our children and communities.

 Can you pick up the phone to call your Member of Congress and tell them to stop the automatic cuts to education, early learning and child care that kick in on March 1st? Call 888-979-7454 or click here to be connected.

Many providers go above and beyond to provide field trips, musical instruction, swimming lessons, specialists who come into homes, and early intervention for the children they care for – all out pocket. And there are thousands of children and parents on waiting lists for care. The need for adequate education, early learning and child care funding is not limited to just my individual day care home in Massachusetts – it’s a universal, fundamental need in all of our communities.

We have the power to make sure that our elected officials hear from us, and hear the real stories of what funding cuts to education, early learning and child care will do to all of us. We need them to know that best way to reduce the deficit is to create jobs and close tax loopholes for the rich and big corporations—not cut care and education for our kids.

Join thousands of Americans who are picking up the phone today to call their Members of Congress. Call 888-979-7454 or click here to be connected.

-Michelle Rubin

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