About Tularosa Basin Telephone Company

In 1996 the Tularosa Basin Telephone Company started as a merger of four major companies, Dell City Telephone Cooperative of Dell City, Texas; Roosevelt County Cooperative of Portales, New Mexico; Ponderosa Telephone Inc. of O’Neals, California and Wagner Telecommunications of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their first operations were conducted in a temporary manufacturing building, but in 1997 the owners bought one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Tularosa, and they established their headquarters here. Even though the company went thought many changes through years, they managed to preserve this building, considering it’s a historical highlight of the entire region. They established their corporate offices here, but kept the building intact, to the pleasure of many locals.

Thought out the years, the company has progressed so much, and with the help of advanced technology, they offer various types of services, which will be otherwise available to customers in metropolitan cities. In 2000 the company founded a subsidiary called Tularosa Communications, Inc. Now, this group provides internet services to more than 3000 clients. The most significant progress they have managed to achieve is that they brought an internet connections and telecommunication services to rural areas, using fiber – optical infrastructure.

Tularosa-CommunicationsThe more significant number of satisfied clients only provides more prominent reputation to this company, and people are very grateful because they can go with hand with modern tendencies. We are all aware that many individuals living in rural are facing many difficulties, mainly because they don’t have an internet connection. But, TBTC managed to overcome this problem and offer their clients a new and improved perspective, which involves the latest world trends.

The company provides various services, and you can check out the latest rates at their website. They are trying to adjust the prices based on peoples’ income, and they offer affordable services. The thing that will interest the potential clients the most is that they have high – speed, wireless and long – distance internet and in 2006 the company became a cellular provider as well. With the continuous growth and improvement, you can be sure that you will get the best service on the market if you decide to sign a contract with them.

If you aren’t still sure whether they are right for you, then you can check the internet speed on their website and read many testimonials from satisfied clients. TBTC also offers 15 probation period to test their services.